Zach Zeller is the owner and visionary of Atypical Kitchen. He has been a true entrepreneur from early adulthood. He’s owned multiple businesses throughout the years from restaurants to airplane charters, real estate, and preventative car maintenance. Zach loves the process of trying to solve an existing problem and grow a business from the bottom up with hard work, sweat, and the inevitable tears. It was during the COVID19 pandemic, that his most recent problem appeared. When forced to social distance at home, he quickly learned that delivery food was mediocre at best. He was left with very few choices, and by the time food was delivered to his house, it was cold or soggy. That’s when he saw an opportunity and knew there had to be a solution to his problem. After months of research, brainstorming, and working with the best in the industry, Atypical Kitchen was born.

When not working, Zach enjoys spending time with his family, including his wife and daughter in Lakewood Ranch. A true family man, most of his family lives right next door to each other in their neighborhood. Zach loves soaking up the fresh air and the outdoors with his friends and family. Initially trained as a pilot, his first true love is flying. Nothing is as relaxing as flying in clear blue skies on an early morning. He also enjoys cheering for our Tampa Bay Lightning at hockey games with friends. And, of course, he loves hosting friends and family over for a delicious barbeque meal at his home.